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vegetarian pyramids embalming mummification italian version.

vegetarian pyramids embalming mummification

MAGAZINEvegetarian pyramids embalming mummification
mummies hexagram star with six points solomon ring




Abraham = Akhenaton
Moses = Ramses I
Aaron = Horemheb
Ay = Joseph
Joshua = Sethi I

Abraham was Akhenaton, Moses was Ramesses I, etc ... This is what emerged from the literary work of Roger and Messod Sabbah "SECRETS OF THE EXODUS" - the Egyptian origin of the Hebrew People - Marco Tropea Editore, 2005 (Italian version).
This interesting study allows a new reading of the Sacred Texts. In a very precise way the Exodus is placed in historical context explaining the motivations and identifying the protagonists. To read well ... Interesting to read on page 439 (Italian version): "only after the exile RA, symbol of good, changes into a symbol of evil".
e. g. 8 March 2014.


The universe rests on the principle of Truth. In it is contained the essence of the life.
Every thing is to subordinated it.
The Truth is supreme judge.
To deny the Truth is to deny the eternity.
The Truth is immortality vehicle.
The stars are Truth.
The Truth is Aton-Ra.
e. g. 16 November 2007.


pyramid Inside any pyramid, better if in Keope proportion, an electromagnetic strength remains bridled. Aligning the pyramid according to the four cardinal points an electromagnetic field able to act on the substances is obtained. Personally I tested a pyramid in Keope proportion (base 40 cm) built in brass and gold-plated. The results have not made themselves await...
Bibliografy: Rodriguez Alvizo Luis Alberto, Piramidologia, Zuccari Editore 1999.
Max Toth - Greg Nielsen, Pyramid Power, Warner Destiny Books Edition 1974.
e. g. 23 December 2003.

For a recent study done by physicists from Itmo University in St. Petersburg and the Laser Zentrum in Hanover, Electromagnetic properties of the Great Pyramid: First multipole resonances and energy concentration, see publication of 20 july 2018 on
Journal of Applied Physics.


vegetarian: leonardo One is vegetarian because is superior or one is superior because is vegetarian? I think that both the theories are valid and truthful and however examining in detail the subject could allow us to see so as detailed the two hypotheses more. Searching among the big men of the past we can notice that the vegetarians' community was indeed well assorted: Erodoto, Socrate, Pitagora, Platone, Virgilio Marone Publio, Plinio Caio Secondo, Seneca Lucio Anneo, San Francesco d'Assisi, Leonardo da Vinci, Giordano Bruno, Newton Isac, Paganini Niccolo, Van Gogh Vincent, Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand, Jung Carl Gustav, and others. All these personalities were not making meat use to feed themselves and given the epoch they were living in they had to meet not few difficulties, to difference today where they would have at disposal innumerable products which allow an adequate feeding. When all we speak of these big personalities we essentially do it in such way that they appear as superior men and this is due to their profession, what it is artistic or scientific. Imitate them in their work I think that it's a rather difficult undertaking. However I think that dividing the professional and/or artistic life of these personalities with their alimentary habits is not necessary. I explain myself linking up to the matter placed at the top of the article: they were certainly individuals who were owning such a sensitivity that was allowing them to perform extraordinary works or discoveries and have an equitable vision of the actions to be perform and so we can say " they were vegetarian because superior ". We said that imitating them in their work would be rather difficult and improbable, different thing would instead be as regards the feeding: imitating them here is accessible thing and I think that would allow to become " superior because vegetarian ".
e. g. 11 October 2003.


Many of they make use the company of animals. They would make and make everything to make their animals friends be well: they buy for them many trendy goods, troubles who touches them. These animals can take part in beauty and ability competitions.
Yes, the dogs and the cats are very lucky, they aren't like the bovines and the ovines that are destined to agony and to die in violent manner.
Perhaps these persons think the bovines and ovines mother are not sensible like the dogs and cats mother?
Perhaps these persons think the blood of the bovines and the ovines are not red like the blood's dogs and cats?
This article is dedicated to the persons that love the animals, but perhaps they don't think about the universal sacredness of the life of every creature.
e. g. 3 June 2004.